Why It is Important to Look after Your Pool

Texas is known for many different things; the rich southern accent, horses, BBQ ribs, and of course, the scorching summer heat. Pool remodeling in Houston, Texas has been an up-and-coming industry in the area, and for good reason. While some may say they enjoy summers, it is only best enjoyed with a cold beer and a swim. And as aesthetic as beach selfies are, those outings are not always convenient or even budget-friendly.

Having a pool near you has many obvious and elaborate benefits. The first one being the fact that it’s fun! Cool dunks in the pool have always been associated with happy times, both in movies and in the real world, after all. Moreover, who doesn’t love a good pool party, filled with friends, family, laughter, and wonder?

In the current stresses, we are constantly looking for places to escape, things to do. At this stage, having a pool to swim in is not just therapeutic, but it is also a good source of cardio and building strength. For family folks, having a pool in your backyard would allow you to teach your kids (and pets!) swimming in a safe and more hygienic environment.   

This is where JDR Swimming Pools comes into the picture, with pool remodeling Houston and pool plastering Houston. Serving residential and commercial pool owners for over twenty-five long years, we not only understand the changing technology and construction that goes into making a safe family pool, but also the emotional significance attached to it sometimes. It might be because that’s where your daughter learned swimming, or where you proposed to your wife, or just a place where you had dunked your feet and talked about life with your childhood friends.

All these good times also call for some attention, specifically, attention to the cleanliness and timely servicing of your pool. Maintaining your pool includes multiple tasks, such as cleaning the surface and tile area, netting off any debris floating on the pool surface, checking the pressure of the pool’s filter, as well as the pH and chlorine levels.

It is also significant to keep up with the aesthetics of the pool, which calls for pool remodeling services in Houston. The sensitivity and thoroughness required for this work imply that it is done by professionals who are properly trained and attuned for the job. Further, ensuring that your pool is looked after would not only increase its beauty, and improve the pool’s actual functionality, but also lead to fewer costly expenses.

Besides services that include pool plastering in Houston and surrounding areas, JDR Swimming Pools also offers weekly cleans and chlorine checks. One may ask why frequent cleans and checks are important, so let’s talk about the potential damages that one’s lack of attention may cause.

The drainage system would be heavily impacted if the pool is not looked after. It must be checked frequently as its suction power can prove quite hazardous. Lack of cleanliness may also cause a blockage in the drainage system. This will not only eventually lead to foul smell and infection, but can also burst the pipe and lead to damage to the exterior and interior of a house.

There is also a chance of algae growth if the pool is not looked after properly. Algae are aquatic organisms that are capable of making oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, and while they may not necessarily be deemed dangerous, they are extremely disgusting. Algae can be formed if the water is stagnant, or the water filter is not working properly. Clogging of drainage, along with low pH and chlorine levels are another reason for the growth of these organisms.  

If the pool is not properly cleaned or checked, it can irritate the swimmer’s ears or nose and can cause an infection.

These are just some of the common issues that can result if a pool is not looked after the way it should. Even if these issues are kept aside, nobody likes to swim in a dirty pool or one that can be a threat due to suction or filtration issues.

To talk about making your pool stand out, cushioned seats and fireplaces are not likely to be enough. It is better to first think about how the beauty and durability of the actual pool can be amplified. Pool remodeling Houston services offer clients the chance to do just that. Persistent use of the pool may cause cracks and damages to its floors, or an individual might simply want to switch things up after a point. This is where remodeling and plastering services come into the picture- they ensure sustainability and safety to your pool.

Let’s work on our pool with just as much focus as we put into our grills!

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