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What types of water features are popular for pools?

Water features can add beauty, relaxation, and a touch of luxury to your pool area. The popularity of water features for pools continues to grow, as homeowners seek to create visually appealing and serene outdoor spaces. Here are some popular types of water features for pools:

  1. Waterfalls:
  • Waterfalls create a natural and soothing ambiance by cascading water into the pool.
  • They come in various sizes and designs, from small rock waterfalls to larger, custom-built waterfalls with multiple tiers.
  1. Fountains:
  • Fountains add elegance and movement to your pool with water jets that shoot into the air.
  • You can choose from various fountain styles, including tiered fountains, spout fountains, and more.
  1. Grottos:
  • Grottos are cave-like structures built near the pool, often featuring waterfall elements.
  • They provide a sense of privacy and can be customized with seating and lighting for a cozy retreat.
  1. Water Jets or Bubblers:
  • Water jets or bubblers shoot streams of water into the pool, creating a playful and interactive experience.
  • They’re ideal for adding a touch of excitement and cooling off on hot days.
  1. Sheer Descents:
  • Sheer descents are linear water features that create a smooth, uniform sheet of water falling into the pool.
  • They offer a contemporary and sleek look and can be used as focal points in modern pool designs.
  1. Rain Curtains:
  • Rain curtains are water features that create a curtain-like effect with a gentle cascade of water.
  • They add a unique visual element and a tranquil sound to your pool area.
  1. Laminar Jets:
  • Laminar jets shoot clear, glass-like streams of water into the pool.
  • They can be illuminated with LED lights to create dazzling water displays at night.
  1. Deck Jets:
  • Deck jets are installed around the pool deck and shoot arcs of water into the pool.
  • They create a playful atmosphere and can be synchronized for choreographed water shows.
  1. Bubbling Rocks:
  • Bubbling rocks are natural stone formations with water bubbling from the top.
  • They add a touch of nature and serenity to your pool area and can be integrated into landscaping.
  1. Fire and Water Features:
    • Combining fire and water features can create a striking contrast and a captivating focal point.
    • Fire bowls, fire pits, or fireplaces can be integrated with waterfalls, fountains, or sheer descents.
  2. Spas and Hot Tubs:
    • While technically not a water feature, adding a spa or hot tub near your pool provides a relaxing and therapeutic water experience.
  3. Reflecting Pools:
    • Reflecting pools are shallow, still pools that create mirror-like reflections of surrounding structures and scenery.
    • They add an elegant and serene touch to modern pool designs.

The choice of water feature will depend on your personal preferences, the style of your pool and landscaping, and your budget. Combining multiple water features can create a dynamic and visually stunning pool area. Consulting with a professional pool designer or contractor can help you determine which water features will best complement your pool and transform your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat.

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