Top Pool Maintenance and Repair Tips You Need to Know Right Now

Who does not wish to have a swimming pool in their backyard? As summers are arriving, it is time for the pool owners to open their swimming pools for fun, pool side parties, and swimming sessions. To keep your pool always welcoming, fresh and in good condition, it necessitates the timely maintenance and pool repair services in Houston Texas which is sometimes neglected until the major need arises and ends up costing you over the odds.

Now, here are some of the top tips for you for maintenance of your swimming pool to keep its condition up to scratch.

Tips for Pool Maintenance and Repair:

  1. Shock your pool when needed

Well, shocking here does not specify to surprise your pool. It actually means to surge the chlorine level of water in pool. Take the help of Swimming Pool Repair Company or follow the manufacturer’s instruction guide to see the intervals for shocking the pool. Some pools require weekly shock but some require only twice or thrice in whole season. It kills the bacteria and awful odour present in the pool.

Do wear safety goggles and gloves before you shock the pool with chlorine chemical.

  • Keep a check on PH levels

It’s an essential part of pool maintenance to keep a check on PH level of your pool. Own the best water testing kit and check the PH level almost every week. PH scale is usually of range 0-14. Up to 7, it shows acidic nature and more than that, it shows basic nature. Usually the neutral PH level of pool water should be from 7.2-7.6.

The alkalinity should ideally range between 100-150 ppm.

  • Repair of concrete cracks

Cracks in concrete of pool require immediate attention. If the crack is smaller, then you can repair it by firstly removing loose pieces of concrete. Then, clean the debris and dust using broom or air compressor. Refill it with the filler and allow it to settle within 24 hours and seal it. If the crack is longer than two feet then professional and best pool repair services in Houston Texas is required.

  • Detect the leakages

You can detect the leakages in the pool by performing a ‘bucket test’. Mark the lines in pool and bucket, then fill both with water up to that marked lines. After few days, if the water level in pool is reduced more than water level reduced in bucket, that shows the presence of leakages.

  • Skim surface debris & clean filter baskets

You can use the hand skimmer (long-handled net) or automatic skimmers to remove the surfaced or sinking debris from pool every few days. Also, clean up the strainer baskets every week for proper functioning of pool’s circulation system.

  • Vacuum and Brushing

You should vacuum your pool thoroughly after a certain period of time. Usually it takes around 30 minutes for proper vacuum process.

Also, brush the walls and tiles to remove stuck algae, dirt, and calcium deposits. Use soft brush to clean fiberglass and vinyl walls and stiffed ones to clean plaster-lined concrete pools.

  • Service of Heaters

Choose the best swimming pool repair company for service of your pool heaters. Sometimes, the water is not heated properly due to build-up of calcium inside tubes of heater. This requires the immediate professional help.

  • Water Level

Water in pool can be lost due to the evaporation, splashing or while exiting the pool. It is vital to refill it and maintain the water level up to the skimmer or safe levels as lowered level of water can damage the pump.

Owning a pool not only brings fun and joy but also a responsibility to keep it well maintained. Follow the above given tips for proper maintenance of your pool and schedule the timely swimming pool repair services to avoid any major damage and keep it well working.

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