Swimming pool: keep it clean and healthy

Swimming is an adventurous activity. How thrilling is it to dive into a pool with a great height? It soothes the mind in hot summer and gives a feeling of excitement, thrill, and the passion to move forward and overcome all the obstacles. Approaching summers will always boggle the minds of swimming lovers with questions like from where can you get swimming pool maintenance services, what are the swimming pool cleaning services near me.

Types of swimming pools:

There are various types of swimming pools. A few of them are as follows:

Residential swimming pools

Such pools use various construction methods including, including in ground pools, concrete pools, fiberglass pools, and above-ground pools.

Commercial swimming pools

These pools have more restrictions than residential swimming pools regarding the pool alarms, lifeguards on duty, locking gates, and limited reach.

Competition swimming pools

They are rectangular and vary from 6 lanes to 12 lanes. The competition swimming pools can be both indoors and outdoors.

How to self clean your swimming pool:

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to self-clean your swimming pool. You can skim the floating debris out from the surface of the water using a telescopic pole using a leaf skimmer. This should be done on a basis. Use a pool brush to clean the sidewalls, steps, and ladders of the pool. This should be done every week. Also, regularly clean the pool brush after every use. Use the vacuum to clean the bottom surface as you do the carpet. Vacuums usually have manual instructions. Follow them for cleaning. Vacuum cleaning should be done weekly. Check the pH level of the pool. It can be changed by use and weather conditions. It should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Use the acid increase or reducer to maintain the pH in the specified range. Clean the pool filter if it has any debris to prevent it from clogging. Add sanitizing tablets to water which releases chlorine to make water bacteria-free.

Also, the number of tablets added should be as per the instructions. You can also use a pool shock to remove bacteria due to hair, sweat, and urine in the water. Although self-cleaning is a cheaper process, but pool may not be cleaned very thoroughly as it can be by the swimming pool cleaning professionals.

Advantages of swimming pool cleaning services:

If you are the one who is searching for swimming pool cleaning services near me over the internet, then there can be so many pool services in Houston, Texas. They are Manning pool services, Miller pools, Platinum pools to name a few. Cleaning a pool is very important in maintaining hygiene and safety for swimmers. The regular cleaning helps in up keeping of equipment and hence maintains a longer life of the pool. There are two types of pools- community pools and dedicated pools. Community pools need more cleaning than dedicated pools even though they have tie-up with the cleaning companies and professionals to maintain the safety and hygiene of the pool. But merely removing debris will not serve the purpose. The pool needs to be inspected for the proper functioning of pumps, filters, and repairs for cracks and leakage. The technicians from the swimming pool maintenance services company will balance the chemicals in the water to hinder the growth of bacteria and the formation of algae inside the water. The wrong chemical composition irritates the eyes, nose, and skin. Also, the cleaning company gives recommendations for the swimmers. 

Moreover, the experts from cleaning service companies can detect the possible wear and tear of equipment and can save your replacement costs for the future. You may be regularly cleaning your pool, but they do it for you in less time and cost. Above all, you want to have your pool area as a place of recreation, not stress. So cleaning your pool regularly will maintain your peace of mind. Not only this, your clean pool can be a place of various family activities and can be a source of pride. The clean pool can beautify your home with its sparkling water.

Disadvantages of swimming pool cleaning services:

The pool cleaning services are costly, but you will not regret them as they also provide longevity to your pool. Secondly, also do proper research on swimming pool maintenance service providers and beware of unskilled manpower.


Swimming pools are luxuries nowadays. They are a place to relax and enjoy. But maintaining and cleaning the swimming pool is equally important. Cleaning can be a cumbersome process for the pool owner; so there are many swimming pools maintenance and cleaning service companies that are meticulously doing the pool cleaning and making it safe for the swimmers.

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