If you are looking for Plaster and Re-plaster services for an inground pool in Houston, there is not better than JDR pools to do the job for you. When it comes to home customers, the backyard pool building provides the single homeowner a place to relax, exercise, and amuse. It also becomes the best home to sponsor where kids will always have the best method to entertain themselves.

At JDR Swimming Pools, inground pools Houston, our pool contractors, and pool builders live for producing custom pools for home and business owners alike. Seeing exactly how much you are likely to enjoy your new inground pool puts a smile on our faces!

We have been plastering and re-plastering pools in Houston for years. Backed by an expert team, we are proud of our services, and so are clients. We have a team of industry artisans with extensive professional knowledge and background in their work. We are a mission-driven organization aiming to provide impeccable service surrounded by honest, ethical, and fair business practices. We are a company that cares about clients as we care for our families.

Plaster Finish

At JDR Pool, we offer plaster finish plastering and re-plastering services, which is an affordable means of applying a new surface to an old pool. It is often available in white-colored pigments, blended with other materials to get your choice of color. The recipe of JDR Pools is no secret, and we put hard work and effort into a unique design to improve your pool’s interiors. Besides, our work quality ensures you do not require a maintenance job for a more extended period. It won’t change its appearance in the short term.

Pebble Finish

It is the same as the plaster finish, but it does include pebbles in the plaster mixture. These look better in terms of design and appeal but tend to increase the cost. It is a durable pool interior design. These pebbles do leave any stains and do not show a reaction to pool water chemicals. It not only adds aesthetic appeal to your pool but also adds flexibility in terms of how you want your collection to be designed. You can use the matching pebbles as per the patio finish.