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Common Signs Your Pool Needs Repair

A swimming pool can be a refreshing oasis during the scorching Houston summers, but like any other structure, it requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs to stay in optimal condition. Recognizing the signs that your pool needs repair is essential to address issues promptly and prevent them from escalating. In this blog post, we’ll explore some common signs that indicate your pool may be in need of repair and how JDRPools can help.

1. Pool Leaks:

  • Sign: A noticeable drop in water level that exceeds normal evaporation rates.
  • Possible Causes: Cracked pool structure, damaged pipes, or worn-out seals.
  • Solution: JDRPools offers professional leak detection and repair services to identify and fix leaks promptly, preventing further water loss and damage.

2. Cracked or Chipped Tiles:

  • Sign: Damaged or missing tiles along the pool’s edge or at the waterline.
  • Possible Causes: Age, shifting ground, or temperature fluctuations.
  • Solution: Our experienced technicians can replace damaged tiles, ensuring your pool’s aesthetics and structural integrity are maintained.

3. Poor Water Quality:

  • Sign: Cloudy or discolored water, persistent algae growth, or an unusual odor.
  • Possible Causes: Inadequate filtration, imbalanced chemicals, or a malfunctioning pump.
  • Solution: JDRPools offers water testing and treatment services to restore your pool’s water quality and clarity.

4. Equipment Malfunctions:

  • Sign: Unusual noises, decreased water circulation, or equipment failure.
  • Possible Causes: Aging or damaged pool equipment.
  • Solution: Our team can diagnose and repair equipment issues, ensuring your pool operates efficiently.

5. Structural Issues:

  • Sign: Cracks or bulges in the pool’s walls or floor.
  • Possible Causes: Soil movement, shifting, or poor construction.
  • Solution: JDRPools specializes in structural repairs to address these issues and ensure the safety and longevity of your pool.

6. Loose or Damaged Coping:

  • Sign: Loose or cracked coping stones around the pool’s edge.
  • Possible Causes: Age, weathering, or improper installation.
  • Solution: Our experts can repair or replace coping stones, enhancing the pool’s appearance and safety.

7. Water Loss and Evaporation:

  • Sign: Excessive water loss despite routine refilling.
  • Possible Causes: Evaporation, plumbing issues, or leaks.
  • Solution: JDRPools’ professionals can identify and address the root cause of water loss to save you money and water resources.

Regular pool maintenance and prompt repairs are crucial to ensure your pool remains an enjoyable and safe space for years to come. If you’ve noticed any of these common signs indicating your pool needs repair in Houston, TX, contact JDRPools for expert assistance. Our experienced team is here to keep your pool in top-notch condition, allowing you to make the most of your swimming season.

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