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Why you should not prefer DIY pool plaster repair?

Do you have an in-ground concrete pool? Do you find it problematic to be on a budget? Well, you must choose pool plaster in this case. Pool plaster is considered to be the cheapest option. However, this is probably the least durable option. Moreover, you may experience weird cracks, etching, scaling, and plaster spelling, which will make you look for…


Top Pool Maintenance and Repair Tips You Need to Know Right Now

Who does not wish to have a swimming pool in their backyard? As summers are arriving, it is time for the pool owners to open their swimming pools for fun, pool side parties, and swimming sessions. To keep your pool always welcoming, fresh and in good condition, it necessitates the timely maintenance and pool repair services in Houston Texas which is…

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season care for pools


A common misconception amongst pool owners seems to be the notion that maintenance during the offseason isn’t important, however, this is incorrect. Pool maintenance is recommended year-round to avoid any costly situations such as water and lining issues due to lack of pool care. Consistent maintenance also ensures a safe, clean and properly functioning pool during warmer months.