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Why you should not prefer DIY pool plaster repair?

Do you have an in-ground concrete pool? Do you find it problematic to be on a budget? Well, you must choose pool plaster in this case. Pool plaster is considered to be the cheapest option. However, this is probably the least durable option. Moreover, you may experience weird cracks, etching, scaling, and plaster spelling, which will make you look for…


Why It is Important to Look after Your Pool

Texas is known for many different things; the rich southern accent, horses, BBQ ribs, and of course, the scorching summer heat. Pool remodeling in Houston, Texas has been an up-and-coming industry in the area, and for good reason. While some may say they enjoy summers, it is only best enjoyed with a cold beer and a swim. And as aesthetic as…

pool renovation services


A pool swimming is a big investment, whether it is built for a home or a commercial establishment. From the maintenance and pool repairs, to redesign and upgrade, to its finished aesthetic appeal, everything should be just right in order to justify the energy and money you will put into the project. Only consider JDR Pools with vast renovation and…